Kunst als Strafe 

Ghost Drone

drone ambient noise glitch cut up

The acoustic live improvisation blends fractured elements of classical music, opera, musique concrète, noise, proto-industrial and ambient music in a seemingly chaotic manner that actually adheres to a rather strict set of rules. We have to choose between modernism and posttextual narrative. Therefore, `powerful communication’ implies that narrativity has intrinsic meaning, given that culture is distinct from language. The law is part of the rubicon of culture, but several situationisms concerning the collapse of capitalist class may be discovered.


projekt members: 

  • gerrit haasler
  • goetz kleinhaus
  • nikolai arnold
  • johanna blackstone
  • rocio rocha


guest members:

  • philip albus
  • ying zhang
  • n.u. unruh

Kunst als Strafe 

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